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EETI is the lead comprehensive detection insititution in mainland China, the test capability which covers capacitor, insulator and arrestor, which mainly includes power capacitor, HV shunt capacitor device, HV post insulator, insulating bush, metal oxide surge arrester without gaps for A.C syestem, and valve arrester, etc.

  • Detection capability
  • Goods and services in the field
  • Capacitor testing capacity---5000 kvar

    Insulator mechanical crankle test---torsional load 30kN·m, bending load 150kN·m

    Arrester Test—550kV and below all items

    Impulse current test—8/20μs

    Lightning impulse 200kA, 30/80μs

    Switching impulse  20kA,18/40μs

    Switching impulse 15kA, 4/10μs

    High current impulse 1501 kA 2ms square wave 3kA 

Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. (EETI)
Address: No.5 Qianzhu Road, Yuexi, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215104, CHINA
Branch Address: No. 7 Yonghe Street, Binhe Road, New District, Suzhou 215011, CHINA
Phone: +86-512-69551355
Email: eservice@eeti.cn
SU ICP No. 10045451
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