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“Safety First, Prevention First”--- The Training about Safety Knowledge Applied in High Voltage Laboratory Having Been Smoothly Developed
Release time:2016-02-02

In the beginning of New Year, according to EETI leaders’ deployment about safety production work and annual training plan of 2016, safety knowledge training for high voltage laboratory developed smoothly.

This time, the training department invited Mr. Ma Fengyun, who had worked in high voltage testing field for more than 20 years with rich experiences, to give lessons. The teaching material was brief and refined, and the main content including: 1.The Electricity Industry Work Rules (high voltage laboratory part) 2. The use of electrotechnical safety equipment 3.Seven-step method of electrical safety operation 4. Electric shock hazard and first-aid method (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation teaching) 5. Illustration for potential safety hazard.

During the training, the classroom discipline was good with lively atmosphere. The trainee expressed great interest in the course by concentrating to the content and taking notes from time to time; After training, the trainee actively provided feedback about their training experience, and expressed the demand that such training could be carried out regularly and gave suggestions about safety production.

Safety First, and prevention first. Safe production is the fundemental factor for the healthy development of enterprise, particularly about staff safe operation; therefore, it is far-reaching to improve safety awareness and ensure staff work safety with safety knowledge and skill, and boost safety production work via developing safety knowledge training!


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