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EETI---Passed DILAC Lab Assessment
Release time:2016-02-23

From January 23 to January 24 of 2016, EETI has undergone and passed the site assessment of National Defense Laboratory, organized by Defense Science and Technology Industry Laboratory Accreditation Committee(hereinafter referred as “DILAC”)according to General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories(DILAC/AC01:2005). This review involves 7 categories, 34 sub-classes, including 252 items of GJB and other standards, and covers tests in the field of environment, material test, EMC, nondestructive testing, low voltage electrical equipment, anti-explosion products, automobile electrical equipment and auxiliary devices, arresters etc.

The pass of National Defense Laboratorysite assessment marks the standard administration level and testing capability of EETI has been further consolidated, improved and ratified. It is estimated that the public reputation of EETI will be improved to some extent in domestic and overseas testing fields.


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