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Opening Ceremony of Suzhou Office of CATRC Automobile Test Institute
Release time:2016-10-28

On September 6th, Suzhou Office of Automobile Test Institute, China Automotive Technology & Research Center(CATRC) was established in EETI. As one of the motherships in electric apparatus test industry in China, EETI has the best testing capacity and testing equipment in this industry. In particular, EETI’s EMC Laboratory has introduced the complete anechoic chamber and electromagnetic shielding enclosure from Germany as well as advanced EMC test equipment from USA, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries. EETI’s EMC test engineers are experienced in testing. With such strong technology and equipment strength, it attracts this industry “Phoenix” Automobile Test Institute of China Automotive Technology & Research Center to “nest” here.

Leaders of both sides attached great importance to this awarding ceremony. The Automobile Test Institute, China Automotive Technology & Research Center sent a group of three including Yan Yan, Assitant Director of the Institute, and Zheng Hong, Director of Marketing Department, to participate in the opening ceremony. They were received by Hu Delin, Director of EETI, and He Xiuming, Assistant Chief Engineer, and leaders from Marketing Department. Also a business discussion was held before the unveiling ceremony, for the purpose of clearing up cooperation framework between two sides, sharing wisdom and knowledge, and laying a solid foundation for their stable long-term cooperation between.

Leaders and experts from King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd., Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Suzhou Auto Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. were also present at this opening ceremony.

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