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Executive Vice President of Wuzhong District Rong Deming Investigated Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
Release time:2016-12-01

On November 22nd, 2016, executive vice president Rong Deming, political and legal committee secretary Feng Jianrong, district vice director and district public security bureau director Wei Jie, the development zone deputy director Xu Guoxiong, minister Cai Yunfeng and other leaders came to EETI to investigate the work of military and civilian integration and security work.

        Hu Delin, the President of EETI, made a detail description on the achievements of military and civilian integration in EETI. Mr. Rong gave a high evaluation about the current achievements of EETI, pointed out EETI as "three top" outstanding enterprises: Firstly, high-end technology and equipment is top in the industry; the testing systems of the enterprise are all independent innovation design, and it has five China first programs, and five world's first technical indexes; Secondly, the field of military and civilian integration to achieve such outstanding results is top in private enterprises; Thirdly, it has the talent scientific research team, and leadership team is also top. Mr. Rong hopes EETI has enough trust in the government, and local government will try their best to support enterprise and make improvement hand in hand.

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