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“Safety First, Precaution-Oriented” Fire Safety Drills Training Carried Out in EETI Branch
Release time:2016-08-31

“Safety first, precaution-oriented”, fire safety can not be ignored; At the afternoon of 24th August, EETI high-tech zone branch fire safety drill training was carried out in front of the office building square.

   The fire drill was explained and presided over by the security department by adopting “no fire drill” form. The staff selected from low voltage electrical testing department, specimen repository, chemical testing department participated in this activity.

The staff listened carefully during the explanation to understand the essential of exercise; the atmosphere of the training activity was lively and rigorous. In drilling session, everybody was in order and actively participated in use of drilling equipment, and the instructor timely corrected their wrong actions. After the training, the staff reflected that through practical exercises they had a deeper understanding of fire both for work and their daily life; moreover, from this activity, they recognized some misconceptions about fire safety and benefited a lot.

Fire safety shouldn’t be ignored.

Security concerns you, me, him, and security is rely on all of us.

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