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EETI Held the 2016 Annual Staff Conference
Release time:2017-02-08

     On January 22, 2017, EETI 2016 annual staff conference was held in EETI headquarters. More than one thousand staffs attended the pageant, including the company leaders, and experts.

     At the meeting, the president of EETI, Mr. Hu Delin made 2016 annual work summary and reported 2017 annual work plan. In his reports, we got to know the achievements and progress over the past year that having been made by all workers; at the same time, Mr Hu also introduced the key work and work plans of the next year. When the wind rises, the almighty raises the tide! Mr. Hu called on all the staff to work hard, not to be afraid of challenges, to move forward and to do well in 2017.

     EETI’s success is based on the unity of all employees. During the conference, representatives from various business lines of EETI came to the stage to give speeches, to summarize the past, to look forward to the future, to be full of energy and enthusiasm for the work!

     At the end of the conference, the outstanding performance cadres and employees as well as party workers that winning out in "Two Studies One Action” activity received the recognition and affirmation for their achievements and contributions in 2016. We also hope that they would be able to build a stronger and more profitable business in EETI.


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