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SES Meeting Held
Release time:2016-09-30

        On Sep. 26, the 6th Session of the 3rd Standing Council/3rd Plenary Session of the 3rd Council of the Suzhou Electrotechnical Society (SES) was held on the third floor of the Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute (EETI), an organization affiliated to the Secretariat. The meeting was presided over by Secretary General Hao Zhongjing, and Hu Delin, Chairman of the SES, made a summary report on the work of the 3rd session of the SES.

        Over the last four years, the SES has absorbed some emerging electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises into the SES, and developed a number of professors, famous entrepreneurs, and senior experts of power supply companies as individual members to reserve a strong talent team for the development of the SES. After the rigorous review process, the current SES session was successfully upgraded to the AAA level in 2014, laying a solid foundation for the SES to undertake more government functions in the future.

        At the meeting, the Secretary General also reported the current financial revenue and expenditure, organized and discussed the next SES session composition plan and the new SES session work, and passed the Council's considerations. The new SES session will adhere to the concept of scientific development, adhere to scientific and technological innovation and adhere to the purpose to serve enterprises, serve the industry and serve the society. It should play as the bridge and link between the government and enterprises, and provide strong backup and protection for the development of the Suzhou electrical industry and for enterprises to participate in competition at home and abroad.

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