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Investigation from the NDRC Leadership
Release time:2016-09-09

              On the morning of Sep. 6, 3 officials from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), including Zhang Yong, Deputy Director of the NDRC, and Wu Xiao, Head of the Agricultural Economics Department of the NDRC, accompanied by Zhou Weiqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Lu Wengang, Deputy Director of the Suzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, came to the Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Academy Co., Ltd. (EETI) for investigation. Hu Delin, President of the EETI, and Gu Yiqian, Secretary of the Board of Directors, received the leaders and accompanied them through their visit to the laboratory room.

              Since its listing in 2011, the EETI has its testing capacity and test equipment developed and expanded rapidly as China's leading testing synthesis for high and low-voltage electrical equipment; meanwhile, the EETI has undertaken the NDRC private investment project, the national special fund project and the civil & military integration demonstration project. The NDRC leaders, accompanied by president Hu Delin, visited the EETI's shock test laboratory, EMC laboratory, DC laboratory, 7200kV insulation hall and extreme environment & climate hall, etc.

              During the visit, the NDRC leaders asked in details about the test capacity and range of services of each laboratory and the investment in the construction of each laboratory. President Hu described accordingly. Deputy Director Zhang Yong highly praised the testing capacity and advanced testing means of the EETI as well as its resolution to become one of the world's top laboratories and hoped that the EETI would continue its construction and services and strive to make more contributions to China.

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