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EETI Successfully Completed the World First UPFC Project 500kV Series Transformer’s Short Circuit Endurance Capacity Test
Release time:2017-06-20

        June 22, 2017, under the join supervision and testimony of these company which are State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company’s inspection department, construction department, science & technology information department, materials company, provincial electric power research institute, provincial overhaul company, provincial research institute, provincial substation inspection center, Jiangsu Hongyuan Electric Power Construction Supervision Co., Ltd, Xingli Supervision company, Suzhou overhaul company, NR Electric, Xian XD transformer Co., Ltd, the world first highest voltage level and maximum test current UPFC project that 500kV series transformer successfully passed the short circuit endurance capacity test in EETI, it marks a positive step forward in our institute test capability and upgrade in service. 

        The short circuit test of this series transformer from set up this project to plan discussion, then, to the final test, this process cost half a year. During this period Wan Da who is a reputable expert in State Grid handle this project jointly with EETI and leaders and other experts that from Jiangsu Electric Power Company’s headquarter and it’s relevant departments, NR Electric, Xian XD transformer Co., Ltd conducted many argument and established the testing program for the series transformer. In the end, on the basis of program requirements, EETI used power provided by 4 paralleling 6500MVA impulse generators finish the test task successfully. The 4 6500MVA impulse generators parallel operation is the first time in the world. 

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