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Conference on Establishment of Suzhou Aerospace Association Held in EETI
Release time:2017-08-15

        Conference on Establishment of Suzhou Aerospace Association and Opening Ceremony were held in EETI. The meeting was attended by such leaders as Sun Hong, deputy director of Suzhou Economic & Information Technology Commission, Ye Feng, director of Investment and Science Department of Suzhou Wuzhong Economic & Information Bureau, Fang Zhen, deputy director general of Investment Promotion Bureau of Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Song Xiwu, president of Suzhou Machinery Association, and Wang Zide, president of Suzhou Association of Automobile Manufacturers, as well as representatives from candidate governing units and enterprises, more than 50 people. 

        Preparatory Committee of Suzhou Aerospace Association firstly introduced the preparation conditions as well as the work done since registration to participants. At the meeting, the document on approving the registration of “Suzhou Aerospace Association” issued by Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau was read out, the Articles of Association, Work Rules of Secretariat, Financial Management System, and the first leading group composition scheme of the association were examined, and the finally examined contents were all approved by the participant representatives. Hu Delin from EETI served as the president of association. 

        President Hu Delin made a speech, encouraging seeking for efficiency via technology and development via innovation, to jointly create the bright future of the association. Sun Hong, deputy director of Suzhou Economic & Information Technology Commission also made a speech, specifying that, “under the background of quick economic development and great improvement of comprehensive strength of Suzhou, the establishment of Suzhou Aerospace Association has complied with the strategic decisions of national equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing, and also it will drive stable and sound development of industrial upgrading of Suzhou, therefore, making contributions to strategic resources reserve and talents cultivation of China’s aerospace.” 

        Finally, all participant representatives held the opening ceremony of the association in the warm and solemn atmosphere, and they jointly witnessed the start of a new journey of the association.

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