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The Third Council Meeting of Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association Was Held in EETI
Release time:2017-11-30

        Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association held its third council meeting in the 5F Meeting Room of EETI Building on November 30, 2017.President Hu Delin summarized work in 2017, and discussed2018 work plan and 2018 financial budget in the meeting. The work plan is divided into service to association members, perfection of association internal management, communication with related associations, implementation of started projects, publicity and member increase, starting of aerospace standard work, financial budget, etc. The above topics were warmly discussed and adopted by the participants with unanimous approval.

        In the meeting, consensus was achieved aiming at the following topics: starting military and civilian cohesion, improving social adhesion, establishing title evaluation long-term cooperation with related associations, holding council meetings in the deputy chairman units, etc.

        All agendas were completed successfully in the meeting.

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