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Mr.Hu Delin from EETI won the 5th Suzhou Outstanding Talent Award
Release time:2018-04-03

        On April 2, 2018, Suzhou Talent Meeting was held. Mr.Hu Delin from EETI won the 5th Suzhou Outstanding Talent Award and was interviewed by Zhou Naixiang, Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Li Yaping, mayor of Suzhou.

        The award is the personal honor of Mr.Hu Delin and also collective honor of EETI. It fully indicates the recognition and praise of municipal government of Suzhou to the work made by EETI scientific and technological innovation team led by President Hu Delin.

        With scientific and technological innovation as the base, EETI has insisted on scientific and technological innovation and transformation and upgrading. Under the leadership of President Hu Delin, EETI has developed fast especially in technical research and development and innovation. President Hu Delin has won second prize of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award twice and more than 30 ministerial and provincial scientific and technological progress awards.

        At the beginning of 2018, according to Notice of the Municipal Government on Issuing Implementation Opinions of Suzhou to Encourage Large Enterprises with Self-Owned Brand and Leading Enterprises to Establish Advanced Technology Institute (SF [2017] No. 56), EETI was listed in the first large enterprises with self-owned brand and leading enterprises of Suzhou to establish advanced technology institute after approval of the municipal government.

        The honors and achievements above prove that scientific and technological innovation greatly promotes sound and stable development of EETI under the leadership of President Hu Delin. EETI will continue to make contributions to local economic development and play its unique role.

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