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The Research Project Submitted by the Electrotechnics Electric Office Was Approved by Jiangsu Periodicals Association
Release time:2018-04-09

        Recently, Jiangsu Periodicals Association issued a document (Su Kan Xie Zi [2017] No.23): Notice of Jiangsu Periodicals Association on Issuing the Appraisal Results of Sponsored and Approved Projects of 2017. The document indicates that after expert review and approval by the director office meeting, such 13 projects as A Research on the Core Competitiveness of Academic Journals in the Media Convergence Era were determined as sponsored projects, and those 34 projects like A Research on the Mechanism Construction for Digital Transformation of Academic Journals from the Perspective of New Media were decided as approved subjects. Among them, the research subject submitted by the Electrotechnics Electric Office: A Research on the Talent Team Attainment Construction and Development for Science and Technology Journals in the New Era, was approved by Jiangsu Periodicals Association.

        The Electrotechnics Electric Office attached great importance to the project application for this time. Afterwards, the Office will follow the requirements of Jiangsu Periodicals Association, carry out the research strictly in accordance with the research plan in the project application, complete the research project on time, carefully prepare the final report, submit related research outcomes and try best to complete the application and research of the project.

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