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Founding Meeting of CSTL Opened in Suzhou!
Release time:2018-07-23

        The Founding Meeting of CSTL and the First Session of Committee Member Meeting was opened in Suzhou on July21, 2018. Greatly supported by China Machinery Industry Federation and so on, this meeting was sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation and organized by Suzhou Electric Appliance Science Research Institute.

        The meeting passed the Articles of Association of CSTL, and produced the scheme and list of committee members of the First Session of Committee Member and Academician and Experts Committee, besides, the Chairman of the Committee, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General were elected with the Academician and Experts Committee. Moreover, in the meeting, they decided the Secretariat unit of CSTL, herein, Expert Yang Xuetong holds the post of Chairman of CSTL, and Hu Delin, GaoKeli, Rao Hong, ZengRong and PengZongren are the Vice Chairman, and Hu Delin also is the Secretary General. The Secretariat is set up in EETI.

        Discussion was made in the meeting with regard to lots of research scheme draft of short circuit testing technique that carried out recently by CSTL, the experts positively participated in discussing, and decided to select several topics, like the arc test of internal fault of converter charging, to be the major research recently, and confirmed that the Secretariat will be in charge of guiding the organization of professional team.

        During the meeting, the representatives visited the high-capacity of laboratory and new energy test room of EETI.

        By the audit and pass of all resolutions, all representatives considered that: CSTL provides an authorized platform for technical communication in the field of short circuit and high-capacity testing and detecting, the healthy and sustainable development must positively boost the improvement of the technical level of shirt circuit and high-capacity of testing and detecting and promote the communication between related experts and technicians in China as well.

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