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The Seminar on Relevant Standard Analysis of High-Low-Voltage Switch Equipment and Technology Was Held in Suzhou
Release time:2018-10-15

        On October 12th-13th, 2018, the seminar on relevant standard analysis of high-low-voltage switch equipment and fusion technology  of primary and secondary equipment was grandly held in Suzhou Guanyun Grand Hotel, which was hosted by the Professional Test Methods Group for High Voltage Switch Products of National Technical Committee 374 on Products Test Methods of Standardization Administration of China and Jiangsu Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, and organized by EETI.

        The chief leaders of the Quality and Science and Technology Administration Office of Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and EETI all attended the seminar respectively and also made important speeches. Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission affirmed the significance of this seminar and also introduced briefly and comprehensively the standardization situation of Jiangsu Province, especially the new measures and new achievements Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission has made in the aspect of standardization since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. At the same time, the Commission hoped that the electrical equipment enterprises both inside and outside the province enhanced understanding of enterprise standardization and stuck to promoting quality by the leading of standard.  

        The seminar invited three experts from the Power Distribution Research Study of China Electric Power Research Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., and EETI to make technology sharing and discussion about the contents in five aspects and they were the technology and relevant standard analysis of high-voltage AC metal enclosed switch gear, the key technology of the primary and secondary fusion distribution switch gear, the technical status and development trend of environmental friendly gas metal enclosed switch gear, the brief introduction to standardized design scheme of low-voltage switch cubicle, and the comb and analysis of standard of high-voltage switch gear, which appealed to more than 100 technical backbones of more than 50 enterprises, such as NARI Technology Co., Ltd., Schneider, Siemens, He’nan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd., and China XD Electric Co., Ltd., etc., to attend the seminar. 

        The seminar completed the sharing in different aspects as scheduled under the common efforts of representatives attending the seminar. The representatives present responded fervently and spoke highly of the seminar successfully held and they also hoped the sponsor and the organizer could organizer more similar activities in the future.

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