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EETI obtained thecorporate independent review right of titles
Release time:2018-12-18

        To further mobilize the innovation and entrepreneurship of wide professional technical personnel further, and serve the development of economic society better, in accordance with the spirit of Opinions on Promoting the Enterprise Title Reform (trial implementation), through recommendation by each city/district and expert review, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has determined 5 units of second group with the right to develop the independent title review pilot work recently, and EETI has obtained the corporate independent review right of titles.

       It’s stipulated in the document that, the approved enterprises are able to develop the independent title review work, the title qualification is determined through internal documents, the government will not approve the review qualification, afterward registration management will be carried out instead, and enterprises should make a report uniformly every year. The title qualifications put on records shall have the same legal force as the professional title certificates issued by department of human resources and social security of the government. The special technicians may, on a voluntary basis, take part in the independent title review of their enterprises or apply for professional titles according to the original channel.

        Cooperate independent review of titles focusing on the needs of corporate long-term development and talent team construction is an innovative breakthrough in title system reform in key fields of Wuzhong District. With independent title review as opportunity, EETI, a high and new technology enterprise with a higher talent concentration, will fully develop the functions of guide and incentive, mobilize the innovation and creativity of wide professional technical personnel, gather and introduce the talents, build a nest to attract a phoenix, create a highland of talent gathering, so as to further help the continuous and sound development of economy of Suzhou.


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