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Alliance Charging Facility Identification (Testing and Certification) Assessment Authority Exchange Meeting was Held at EETI
Release time:2019-01-09

        On January 9, 2019, the Alliance charging facility identification (testing and certification) assessment authority exchange meeting was held at EETI. TGOOD, Star Charge, PUTIAN, Jitan Technology, Shenzhen Shenghong, Shanghai Xundao, Qingdao Gaoke, Yiweisi and other charging pile enterprises and operating businesses participated in the exchange activity.、

        Director Liu Wei of the Alliance Technology Certification Department first introduced the attention of relevant state departments to the work of the Alliance and the recent progress in charging facility identification and evaluation, proposed some problems in the operation maintenance and safety of charging piles in use found in the investigation and research, emphasized the importance and necessity of the Alliance identification assessment and management to improve the safety, consistency and interoperability of charging facilities, and introduced the next work focus of the Alliance identification assessment and management platform construction. Participants have obtained a better understanding of the importance and necessity of the work of the Alliance and the Alliance identification testing and certification. Subsequently, EETI representatives reported on the field of vehicle inspection, charging pile testing capability and future development direction. Finally, all units participating in the exchange activity visited the relevant laboratories

        This exchange activity enabled the charging pile enterprises and operators to understand the situation of testing and certification institutions, and also enabled the laboratories to directly understand the needs of enterprises, marking a new step in promoting the recognition of the Alliance identification in the industry and promoting the good development of the charging industry.


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