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The 2018 Annual Company Summary- Staff Commendation Conference of EETI was held grandly!
Release time:2019-01-25

        The 2018 Annual Company Summary- Staff Commendation Conference of EETI was held in the staff auditorium (in the fourth floor of our academy) on January 22, 2019! All staffs of our Academy, the chief leaders of our subsidiary-Chengdu Sanfang Electric Co., Ltd., the leaders of Suzhou Guohuan Environmental Inspection Co., Ltd. and all of its staffs attended the conference. In addition, the guests from Shenyang Explosion-proof Electrical Research Institute also attended this summary and commendation conference.

        The President, Mr.Hudelin, made the report of EETI 2018 annual work summary and 2019 annual work plan. The report described the achievements made by our Academy in the fields of market development, project construction, internal management, scientific research and innovation, as well as personnel training in 2018. And the report also gave the fully approve to the hard work of all staffs. In 2019 work plan, President Hu emphasized the core work in improving service quality, governing internal management, speeding up the project construction and cultivating talents. Strive to achieve the great leap in hard power and soft power of EETI in 2019!

        The development of EETI can’t be separated from the joint efforts of all staffs. In the past year, our Academy has made good achievements in scientific research and market development, which is the result of hard work and wisdom of all leaders and staffs. In order to commend the leaders and staffs, who stand out at work, this conference praised more than 100 activists selected, praised individuals, advanced individuals and experts who have made outstanding contributions to the development and construction of EETI. And this conference also praised the team that stands out at work.

        During the conference, all staffs also enjoyed the folk art provided by all EETI departments. The relaxed, humorous and dynamic shows made all staffs feel the warmth of the EETI family in a relaxed atmosphere! The conference came to a successful conclusion in a cheerful atmosphere.

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