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Cheng Bo, Chairman of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology and his Party Visited EETI!
Release time:2019-02-25

        On the afternoon of February 25, Cheng Bo, chairman of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology, Pang Zhen, secretary-general of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology, Zhao Jianping, deputy head of the government of Wuzhong District, and Shen Zhifeng, deputy head of the Organization Department of Wuzhong District Party Committee, accompanied by Jin Jiansheng and Chen Chunhua, chairman and vice chairman of Wuzhong Association for Science and Technology respectively, paid a visit to EETI.

        Hu Delin, president of EETI and leaders in charge of related affairs received them. President Hu firstly reported the enterprise development history and general situation of EETI to Cheng, especially the experience in the cultivation of technical talents, as well as the development of HOME Program Workstation of EETI. Cheng and the leaders from Wuzhong District spoke highly of EETI, a private enterprise, from the angle of serving the country, overcoming various difficulties and always keeping fast and healthy development to make outstanding achievements matching and even surpassing the international peers, which was hard-won, and indicated to strengthen their contact with EETI and enhance their multi-channel services.


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