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Leaders of State Administration for Market Regulation Came to EETI for Research and Guidance
Release time:2019-10-15

        On October 11, the first international forum on China accreditation, inspection and testing was held in Suzhou. Its topic was “accreditation, inspection and testing – transfer trust and serve development”. Tang Jun, deputy director general of State Administration for Market Regulation, and Ma Qiulin, vice governor of Jiangsu Province attended and delivered speeches. Xu Xinjian, director of accreditation and testing department of State Administration for Market Regulation, and Zhu Qinhu, director of Jiangsu Market Supervision and Administration Bureau attended the forum.

        In the speech, Tang Jun, deputy director general of State Administration for Market Regulation pointed out that accreditation, inspection and testing were important contents of conformity assessment, internationally-accepted quality management and trade facilitation method, and played an important role in promoting high-quality economic development.

        Frank Markham, chairman of international organization for standardization/committee on conformity assessment (ISO/CASCO), Xiao Jianhua, chairman of international accreditation forum (IAF), and Yang Xuetong, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation and other participants delivered keynote speeches about admissibility conditions in the inspection and testing industry, development trend and challenges of inspection and testing, operation of foreign-funded enterprises in China, exploitation of new fields, localization strategy and experience, services of “the belt and road initiative” provided by domestic organizations, and reform experience of testing organizations etc.

        During the forum, accompanied by Yang Zhiping, deputy mayor, Tang Jun, deputy director investigated and surveyed proceeding situations of “the belt and road initiative” served by testing organizations in EETI, and visited some high-voltage labs and new energy labs of EETI. Hu Delin, director of EETI reported that EETI, as an international large-scale comprehensive laboratory, with the aim of providing one-stop inspection service, had continuously explored and accumulated valuable experience in serving “the belt and road initiative” and giving inspection and testing of electrical products of the country. Meanwhile, leaders of State Administration for Market Regulation highly praised and affirmed the beneficial attempts and achievements of EETI in market globalization.

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