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EETI participates in the on-site inspection of 12kV handcart switch cabinet standardized design prototype of Junlang Electric Co., Ltd.
Release time:2019-12-12

        Entrusted by State Grid Corporation of China, EETI (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) successfully completed the first 63kA converter transformertap switch oil chamber arc discharge test on December 4, 2019.

        This test simulates the burst (by internal pressure) of the tap switch of converter transformer in fault current, assessing the company’s technical level and equipment capacity, and verifying the company’s fire control work.In the test, the company obtained valuable data such as test current, arc voltage, short circuit time, arc energy and internal pressure through high-precision and high-rate measuring equipment, providing effective technical support for the safe operation of UHV converter transformer. To ensure the successful completion of the test, the company, with a scientific and rigorous attitude, repeatedly organized relevant scientific researchers to discuss technical scheme, and finally formulated a reasonable plan, which fully guaranteed the safety of testers, equipment & facilities and the environment.

        This time, the company successfully completed the oil middle-highvoltage and large current arc test, marking the continuous improvement of the company's comprehensive scientific research and testing ability, providing more extensive technical servicesfor customers, and ensuring the improvement of quality of products in the field of power transmission and transformation in China. It is expected to effectively enhance thecompany’s credibility in the testing field at home and abroad.The technical ability of the company can meet the development of this testing business, but its contribution to the company's future income cannot be predicted, please pay attention to the investment risk.The company will continue to maintain the spirit of self-improvement and forging ahead, safeguard quality and safety, deepen scientific and technological innovation, and lay a solid foundation for the high quality development of China's electrical industry.


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