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Efficient Service Warms People’s Heart, Warm and Thoughtful Service Wins Praise
Release time:2020-05-05

        Recently, Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. sent a silk banner writing “Serve with Warmness and Consideration, Work with Quickness and Efficiency” to EETI’s High-voltage Switch Project Department, in order to show its sincere gratitude to the test engineers for their efficient and quality service during the outbreak of COVID-19.

        It’s known that, with a batch of new products to participate in bidding, Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. must have relevant performance tests completed and acquire test reports recently. And after understanding the situation, EETI’s High-voltage Switch Project Department coordinated relevant test engineers and laboratory technicians to formulate test scheme immediately, and work overtime to ensure the test progress, and at last, they have completed all tests within the time required by the client and handed over the test reports to the client timely.

        After receiving the silk banner, principal of the High-voltage Switch Project Department expressed that “Affirmation from the clients is not only an encouragement to us, but also a powerful urge on us to provide quality and efficient services for the clients continuously”.

        EETI is equipped with domestically leading high-voltage and high-capacity laboratory, which could provide the clients with services such as product certification & test, quality supervision and inspection, entrusted test and technical evaluation test, etc. of high-voltage switch equipment and control equipment. In test of high-voltage electrical apparatus, EETI has applied large-current test power supply and measurement & control system with combination of multiple units of large-capacity impact generators and 220kV high-voltage test lines for the first time in China, which could meet large-capacity power requirement necessary for short-circuit test of high-voltage electrical apparatus at 35kV, 220kV, 550kV and 1200kV and so on, and could regulate the test voltage and test current flexibly according to requirements of the test products. Multiple test ports could meet test requirements of different client groups simultaneously, and shorten the test period greatly.


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