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The association between Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association and Suzhou Industrial Park Aviation Industry Association was successfully held in EETI
Release time:2021-04-12

        On the afternoon of April 8, the association between Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association and Suzhou Industrial Park Aviation Industry Association was successfully held in EETI, and more than 60 industry experts and experts attended the conference.

        Before the conference, the fourth executive director (enlarged) conference of the first session of Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association was held, and the council re-election plan of the Association was adopted.

        Xu Guoliang, Director of Suzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Mei Feiran, Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Investment Promotion Bureau, Hu Delin, President of Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association, and Liu Yuxin, President of Suzhou Industrial Park Aviation Industry Association, attended the conference and delivered speeches respectively.

        Director Xu Guoliang pointed out that the Association should seize the opportunity of signing a strategic cooperation agreement between Suzhou Municipal Government and COMAC, and actively play its role as a platform. The government will also organize and convene the city’s aviation industry conference, provide various policy support for companies participating in the development of the aviation industry in terms of technological research and technological transformation, and actively assist in cultivating companies to become COMAC’s qualified suppliers, etc. to guide and promote the work of the Association.

        At the conference, new members of the Park Association, Suzhou TranrekM&ETechnology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Qianji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. respectively introduced the companysituation; vice president companies of the Association, Suzhou Changxing Mould&Machinery Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Zhongjia Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. shared experience in the development of the Association’s work and the enterprise development. The Aerospace Division of General Electric shared global aerospace market information; FDH Aviation of the United States shared the background and experience of the US Department of Commerce’s MEU export control list; French Safran (Suzhou) Landing Systems shared its experience in cooperation with COMAC.

        Participants visited the EETI DC laboratory, seismic laboratory and electromagnetic compatibility laboratory on the spot, and learned about the test capabilities of EETI in power transmission and transformation, anti-seismic and electromagnetic compatibility.

        In the end, the delegates at the conference exchanged freely on how to seize the opportunity of cooperation between Suzhou and COMAC and do a good job in all aspects of the Association’s work. The conference was successfully concluded in a friendly and open atmosphere.


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